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Johnny Askwith - Bio

Johnny Askwith

Head of Content / Development

Askwith is an awarding-winning cinematographer, who has worked all over the world on many well-known blockbuster films, TV series, music videos, commercials, and live shows. Askwith’s notable film highlights include ‘THE INCREDIBLE HULK’, ‘TOTAL RECALL’, ‘PACIFIC RIM’, ‘ROBOCOP’, ‘SUICIDE SQUAD’ along with many more major blockbuster titles. Some notable television titles include Netflix’s ‘AWAKE’, Paramount Network’s ‘MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN’, CBC’s ‘KIM’S CONVENIENCE’, the Peacock original ‘DEPARTURE’, Hulu’s ‘JANN’, Netflix’s ‘VWARS' and ‘FRONTIER’ and many other major titles. Askwith’s cinematography has been viewed on many screens throughout the world.

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